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General Timeline

Alpha Age

  • January 1, 2421 Launch of the multigenerational spaceship Last Frontier from the EASA-spaceport Kourou into space. The destination of the journey is the Earth-like planet Trapist-1 - 40 light years away from Earth.
  • 2501: 80 years after leaving space, the Last Frontier finally reaches Trappist-1. But instead of landing, the Last Frontier becomes the target of a still unexplained attack of immense pressure waves during the landing preparations, as only a highly developed civilization can generate. 2,500 passengers lose their lives in the unexpected attack. Nevertheless, the people manage to escape. The Spaceship Council conducts a vote on whether the Last Frontier wants to travel back to Earth or travel to another Earth-like planet 62 light-years away.

Beta Age

  • July 4 2625 Crashlanding of the Last Frontier on VOI 700 D. and first contact with the Native Tribes of the planet.
  • July 6, 2625 Relocation to an emergency camp assigned to ExoHumans by the Native Tribes at the geographic location of present-day New Kourou.
  • July 17 2625 Joint resolution of the ExoHumans to implement the Human Settlement Plan for Trapist 1, on VOI 700 D.
  • August 8 2625 Laying of the foundation stone and naming ceremony for the first exohuman settlement New Kourou with approval of native tribal leaders.
  • October 31 2625 Establishment and start-up of the first farms of the people in the Habitual Belt - based on the Human Settlement Plan.
  • March 24 2626 Founding of the second settlement Hope.
  • June 15 2626 Founding of the settlement Morningstar as a central supply point for wood and timber industry.
  • September 3 2626 Start of exohuman expeditions to the Dark Side and exploration of its potentials and resources.
  • October 1 2626 Discovery of copper deposits and geothermal potentials around the Ralar volcano on the Dark Side.
  • February 17 2627 Start of construction work on the first geothermal power plant and the first copper mine on the Dark Side. Founding of the settlement Firetown as a residential and bedroom community for workers at the copper mine and geothermal power plant.
  • April 12 2627 Start of construction work on the so-called Extended Trade Route from New Kourou to the newly emerging Firetown settlement on the Dark Side.
  • June 17, 2629 Declaration of war by the Alliance of Native Tribes against the exohuman settlers and beginning of the Great War.
  • March 31, 2631 Destruction of Hope, Morningstar and New Kourou solar sails by Anti War Movement saboteurs. From that moment on, it was impossible for the people to maintain their defenses for much longer.
  • April 16, 2631 Signing of the peace treaty between the ExoHumans and the Native Tribes and officially resolution of the Free State of Settlers.

Gamma Age

  • August 4, 2631 Holding of a referendum to establish the Federal Confederation of Man. The Majority of the exohumans settlers votes for the implementation of the Confederation and the introduction of democracy as political form.
  • November 17 2631 Formation of the Communards Party and election of Aisha Patel as the party's first chairwoman.
  • November 20 2632: First mayoral elections in the New Kourou and Firetown reservations. In New Kourou, Chad Birkenstein, a Communard candidate, wins. In Firetown, James Mc Anti, an individualist, wins. The reservations of Hope and Morningstar are temporarily co-administered by the mayor of New Kourou.
  • December 20, 2632 First elections to the Federal Council. The Communards, with their leading candidate Aisha Patel, win 11 seats and the Individualists, with their leading candidate Thabo Forster, win 4 seats. The first Federal Sheriff is also elected at the same time. Winner is the nonpartisan candidate Evander Rosenberg who received 80 percent of the votes.
  • January 31, 2633 The Federal Council adopts the new Common Constitution of the Federal Confederation by a majority of Communard votes.
  • February 15, 2633 Designation of the first Federal Judges and Attorneys for the Federal Court in New Kourou by the administration of Aisha Patel,
  • February 15, 2633 Introduction of the economic form of Communardism by resolution of the Federal Council.
  • March 15, 2633 A home, a hope becomes the official hyme of the Federal Confederation.
  • February 26 2634 Mayoral Election Reform. Hope and Morningstar now elect their own mayors. For this purpose, the institution of the Mayor`s Council is introduced, in which the higher administrative tasks as well as the common interests of the reservations are bundled.
  • May 07, 2634 Resolution of the Independent Press Act by the Federal Council.
  • May 31,2634 Official founding of the Weekly Gazette in New Kourou - based on the resolution of the Independent Press Act.
  • December 20, 2634 Second elections to the Federal Council. In the election following their first term in office, the Communards run again with Aisha Patel as the top candidate. She wins 10 seats and the Individualists with their top candidate Thabo “Tony” Forster 5 seats. The second Federal Sheriff is also elected at the same time. Winner is again the nonpartisan candidate Evander Rosenberg with 85 percent of the votes.
  • March 12, 2635 Founding of the Firetown Post as a information medium of the Individualist Party
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