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**The Zonko**

Nobody knows where the Zonko come from and what their real name is. Zonko means “dark demons” in the native language. And that basically describes exactly how the Natives see the Zonko: As a mysterious, supernatural power. This is because the Zonko are technologically several thousand light years ahead of the Natives (and of course from the Humans as well). This superiority manifests itself above all in the weapons with which the Zonko confront strangers. In addition, the Zonko seem to be able to jump back and forth between different dimensions. If one goes according to the model of the “Levels of Civilization by their energy use”, the Zonko are probably between level two and level three: This means that the Zonko have been able to use the energy of the sun as well as the other planets of their galaxy for a long time - and are now on the verge of being able to use the energy of their galaxy.

However, the strangest thing (from a human perspective) about the Zonko is that they look exactly like Humans. Better said: Like Humans from a distant future or an advanced parallel world. That is why the Natives reacted so frightened to the landing of human refugees on their planet. Because they have not had good experiences with beings that look like Humans. The opposite is true: The Zonko seem to regard VOI 700-D as their personal research laboratory. For many generations they have been conducting secret experiments on the planet, kidnapping Natives to study them, and obviously the Zonko are also responsible for VOI 700-D being “tidally locked“. Because as the Creation Story of the Natives tells, VOI 700-D was not always “tidally locked“. It was previously a planet revolving around the sun - just like our earth. However, the Zonko conducted a terraforming experiment on the planet over five hundred years ago to bring VOI-700 D a little closer to its sun. The goal of the test run was to find out if it is possible to push planets into the habitable zone of a solar system - to make them habitable. This experiment failed on VOI 700-D at the time. But the Zonko have learned a lot from it - and have meanwhile mastered this technology. And from the failed test run on VOI 700-D, the Zonko also draw numerous scientific insights. Because the planet enables them to explore the development of life on a planet that is “tidally locked”.

Well, and then there is another (secret) reason why the Zonko keep coming back to VOI 700-D: The Zonko created the Natives about six hundred years ago as genetically modified clones of themselves. This Zonko because the Zonko wanted to use them to study how an intelligent life form evolves over a long period of time, with a slightly different body design. Namely, four eyes instead of two - and six fingers and toes instead of five.

In short: The Zonko and the Natives (and also the Humans?) are genetically related. But in the Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-Age the Natives are still many millennia away (like once the mankind in the Stone Age) from the civilization level of the Zonko. And maybe they won't develop like that at all. But completely different .

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