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**The Planet VOI 700 D**

Position in Space

VOI 700 D (Shang-Gha-Lea in the language of the Native Tribes of the planet) is a near-Earth-sized exoplanet, likely rocky, orbiting within the habitable zone of the red dwarf VOI 700, the outermost planet within the system. It is located roughly 102 light-years away from The Earth in the constellation of Dorado. VOI 700 D orbits its star at a distance of 0.163 AU (24,400,000 km; 15,200,000 mi) from its host star with an orbital period of roughly 267.3 days, has a mass 1.72x times that of Earth, and has a radius of around 1.19 times that of Earth. It has been estimated that the planet receives about 86% the energy that the Earth receives from the Sun.

Bound rotation: A planet of eternal nights and days

VOI-700 orbit its`s star in bound rotation. It is “tidal locked”, which means it always turns the same side towards their star, so that on one hemisphere it is always day, on the other hemisphere it is always night. Only on a narrow strip between the day and night sides - the so-called Habitual Belt - is the planet really habitable. East of the belt, the so called Desert Side reaches hostile, desert-hot temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius. And in the west of the belt, on the so called Dark Side of the planet, temperatures are deep below freezing.

Climatic conditions

The Desert Side of VOI 700 D is located in the east of the Habitual Belt. Since it is exposed to the sun all day long without protection, temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius prevail on it. Humans cannot survive here for long (unless they are specially protected). This also applies to the plant world.

The Dark Side of VOI 700 D is located in the west of the Habitual Belt. Since it is not illuminated by the sun, temperatures here can reach -70 degrees Celsius on cloudless days.

The Habitual Belt stretches along the equator of VOI 700 D and divides the planet into an ice-cold, dark half and a desert-hot, eternally daylight side. The belt is about 400 to 500 km wide. The light conditions in the belt are always as if the sun was just setting. Everything is bathed in twilight. The temperatures are always between 20 and 28 degrees.


There has been intelligent life on VOI 700 D for a long time. Until the beginning of the Beta Age, VOI 700 D was populated exclusively by members of the so-called Native Tribes. The Native Tribes inhabit exclusively the Habitual Belt. Their number is about 7.500,000.

Since the Beta Age also representatives of the human species from Earth are at home on VOI 700 D, who came via the space mission of the Last Frontier in the year 2625.

They have founded the settlements of New Kourou, Hope and Morningstar in the Habitual Belt, as well as the settlement of Firetown on the Dark Side. Their population is about 25,000 people.

More Information about the different regions:

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