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The ExoHumans: Humans apart from Earth

The ExoHumans represent a pivotal evolution in the saga of human existence, marking a bold leap from Earth-bound life to a cosmically expanded horizon. This journey of human progression and adaptation is segmented into distinct eras, each characterized by its unique challenges, achievements, and societal transformations.

Emerging from a necessity to find new homes beyond the confines of Earth, the ExoHumans are not just explorers but pioneers of new worlds. Their story is a tapestry of courage, innovation, and resilience as they forge their path through the unknown realms of space. From the confines of the generational spaceship Last Frontier to the uncharted landscapes of planet VOI 700 D, they epitomize the enduring spirit of humanity in their quest for survival and a better future.

As the ExoHumans transition through different ages - Alpha, Beta, and Gamma - they encounter a myriad of experiences ranging from the marvels of deep space travel to the complexities of interstellar diplomacy and coexistence with indigenous populations. Each era unfolds new facets of human character and capabilities, showcasing their adaptability and tenacity in the face of adversity.

This wiki-article chronicles the journey of the ExoHumans, delving into the intricacies of their lives and the profound impact of their decisions on the future of humanity. It is a narrative of a species transcending its planetary cradle, venturing into the vastness of space, and redefining what it means to be human.

The ExoHumans of the Alpha Age (2400-2625 AD, Generations One to Four)

The The Alpha Age begins with the first generation of brave human pioneers who set off into space aboard the multigenerational spaceship Last Frontier into space at the first of January 2421 and end with the crash landing of the third and fourth generation of human pioneers on the planet VOI 700 D on the fourth of July 2625. The people of the Alpha Age live aboard the VOI 700 D generation spaceship. For the first generation, this still takes some getting used to. For the second, third and fourth generations, on the other hand, life on a spaceship is absolute normality. The great dream that unites them all is to help find a new home for humanity. Since the people of the Alpha Age are still in contact with Earth, they also see how living conditions on Earth continue to deteriorate during their travel time.

The ExoHumans of the Beta Age (2625-2631, Generations Three to Four)

The people of the Beta Age are basically spaceship dwellers setting foot on a real planet for the first time. Based on their mission plan from Earth, they begin their development and settlement efforts on VOI 700 D directly. The problem: The plans were actually made for the Trapist-1 system, which is not inhabited by intelligent beings. But on VOI 700 D the humans meet an indigenous population: The Native Tribes.

The Native Tribes live in harmony with the nature of their home planet - and feel threatened by human colonization activities. This first leads to isolated, local conflicts and finally culminates in a warlike confrontation: The Great War. Although the humans are technologically far superior to the Natives, they are clearly outnumbered. In addition, the Natives succeed quite quickly at the beginning of the war in cutting people off from their food supply. The result is a kind of stalemate in which the people can defend their settlements against the attacks of the Natives, but cannot make any real gains against them.

This leads to a growing war-weariness among the population and the formation of an illegal Anti War Movement, which brings about the surrender of its own army through an act of sabotage.

The ExoHumans of the Gamma Age (starts 2631 with Generation Four and Generation Five)

The people of the Gamma Age live by the rules of the peace treaty that the human settlers have made with the Native Tribes on VOI 700 D. Thus, the humans had to destroy most of their technically superior weapons and are only allowed to live in assigned zones in “harmony with nature”. Which means, among other things, that the humans lack the energy and resources to exploit their technological potential.

For this reason, they live a life similar to the former settlers in the Wild West of the 19th century on Earth. The only difference is made by a few technological achievements that saved humans into the Gamma Age. These include advanced medical care, the AI GAIA System, with the help of which people make social and economic decisions, some modern defense-weapons and (illegal) robots.

The human legal and governmental system in the Gamma Age is based on a democratic system. There are two different parties: The Communards and the Individualists. The Communards want to live in peace with the Natives and use the peace treaty to establish a new more sustainable and considerate model of society for humanity. The Individualists, on the other hand, do not accept the terms of the peace treaty. They want growth and energy resources so that people can put their theoretical technical knowledge into practice.

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