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The Alpha Age begins with the launch of the multigenerational spaceship Last Frontier into space at the first of January 2421 and end with the crash landing of the human pioneers on the planet VOI 700 D on the fourth of July 2625.

The Alpha Age is followed by the Beta Age.

Main characteristics

The Alpha Age is primarily characterized by the following factors:

  • The hope of finding a new home for humanity as their home planet, Earth, threatens to collapse under the effects of man-made climate change.
  • The social experiment of 30.000 people (later: 42.000) traveling and living together for the first time in a multigenerational spaceship as a new form of community of destiny.
  • The unplanned incidents on the Last Frontier's journey that lead to a decade-long extension of the mission as well as a new destination.

The main events on the journey of the Last Frontier

  • In the year 2400, due to the increasing deterioration of living conditions on Earth, a cooperation of the European Space Agency, NASA, Russia`s Roskosmos,China's national space agency and the Japan Space Exploration Agency led by the European Union, decides to launch an ambitious space project: the so-called Last Frontier Project, whose goal is to bring 30,000 selected people to the Earth-like planet Trapist-1, 40 light years away.
  • At the first of January 2421, after 21 years of research, the Last Frontier launches from the European Spaceport Kourou in North Africa towards Trapist-1 with 30.000 brave pioneers on board. Since the Last Frontier has a cruising speed of half the speed of light, the Last Frontier is scheduled to land on Trapist-1 80 years later.
  • In the year 2501, 80 years after leaving Earth, the Last Frontier finally reaches Trappist-1. To that time, only 6 percent of the pioneers who left earth in 2421 were still alive. But with the artificial AI GAIA helping to control the number of births on board, there are now 40,000 people living on the Last Frontier. Just as many as planned by the space agency for the period. impatiently awaiting the landing. However, this landing never happens. For the Last Frontier becomes the target of a still unexplained attack of immense pressure waves during the landing preparations, as only a highly developed civilization can generate. 2,000 passengers lose their lives in the unexpected attack. Nevertheless, the people manage to escape. The Spaceship Council then conducts a vote on whether the Last Frontier wants to travel back to Earth or travel to another Earth-like planet 62 light-years away. Knowing full well that they themselves will never see the new planet, the passengers decide by an absolute majority to continue the journey.
  • In the year 2625, at the fourth of July and 124 years after the Last Frontier was driven from TRAPIST-1 by a mysterious force, 42.000 humans arrive at VOI 700 D. Since the spaceship's automatic landing system could not be fully repaired after the attack, the manual landing turns out to be much more difficult than planned. While landing, the ship crashes and a fire breaks out on board, destroying some parts of the spaceship. A return to Earth or an onward flight are thus ruled out for the time being. 3,000 people lose their lives that day and never set foot on the soil of the new home planet.
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