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The Beta Age begins on the so-called Day Zero - with the landing of the burning spaceship Last Frontier on the planet VOI 700 D in 2625.

It ends on the eight of April 2631 seven days after the unconditional surrender of the Volunteer Army of Man and directly after the entry into force of the peace treaty between The Humans and the Alliance of the Natives Tribes of VOI 700 D, which ended the so called Great War as well as the existence of the Free State of Settlers in which people had organized themselves by state for almost the entire Beta Age.

The Beta Age ends the Alpha Age and is followed by the Gamma Age.

Main characteristics

Beta Age is characterized by the following factors:

  • The outbreak of the fire during the landing of the Last Frontier on the planet VOI 700 D, which destroyed a large part of the spaceship, so that it could no longer serve the people - as originally planned - as a material and raw material depot.
  • The inexperience of the Last Frontier passengers, who have been traveling through space for three generations, in dealing with other civilizations and their interests.
  • The attempt of ExoHumans to colonize VOI 700 D on the basis of the Human Settlement Plan for the Trapist-1 system, which is uninhabited by intelligent beings - although the Last Frontier spaceship could no longer serve as a material depot due to a fire
  • The growing conflicts of the people with the Native Tribes and the resulting Great War.
  • The (un)voluntary surrender of the people by an act of sabotage of the Anti War Movement

More information about the ExoHumans in the Beta Age

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